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  1. Video review of Update 8.39. Halloween in Wild Terra! Darkness descended on the land. Predators were cursed and turned into zombie animals. The world of Wild Terra needs your help! Fight with the darkness and get unique Halloween rewards: Witch Hat, Pumpkin Helmet, and Unholy pets. Halloween Sale! Save 60% on the purchase Wild Terra with Unique Early Access Rewards: Steam page Cnahgelog 8.39
  2. Video review of Update 8.33 Save 50% on the purchase Wild Terra until August 21st! Wild Terra website: Steam page:
  3. Update 8.28. Guilds, armor decoration and changes in the premium bonus SAVE 15% purchasing the Wild Terra on our website Improvements and fixes 0.8.28 Created for testing the first edition of Guilds, it’s management is available in the Community window. Implemented the creation, invitation and expulsion of players from the guild. Added a separate chat channel for guilds. Guild name is displayed below the character's name. The names of the players of one guild are displayed in green for each other. Visual upgrade of the armor from the hardened and studded leather. Visual upgrade of the iron and steel armors. Implemented the “Armor decoration scrolls" for armor of hardened and studded leather, iron and steel. Scrolls of armor decoration added to bronze, iron and steel chests. Changed unique loot in a bronze, iron and steel chest. The speed of collection, craft and construction has been doubled. The premium bonus no longer affects the speed of collection, craft and construction, and the chances of finding resources. The premium bonus now gives +30% to the gained experience and +30% to the capacity of the container and replenishment of the Craftsman's Insight and Battle Focus. Now, if the premium is active, the dominium does not dilapidate when the owner is offline. To create or run a personal server, you now need to have an active premium bonus on one of the official servers. The longest premium bonus on one of the official servers will automatically be applied to the personal server. Now the default is not shown the ability to create your own server, and the server control button is moved to the server list. Now in the server list displays the server type: PvP / PvE / Arena / Personal, and the number of players is displayed as: Small / Normal / Large. Fixed a bug due to which the Noble dominium could not be unpacked. The guards of the treasure can no longer appear within the dominiums. You can no longer roll your dominium for the move during the siege. Added special buildings and chests for tournaments. Aggressive animals and monsters now can repel tamed animals.
  4. Free Weekend in the Wild Terra until May 21 Play absolutely free this weekend! From May 19 to 21, Wild Terra will open the doors for everyone. In order to play it was even more fun and interesting - invite your friends! Share news on social networks and get an opportunity to win the Steam key Wild Terra or in-game currency. These rewards can also be obtained by actively testing the game - report the errors and inconveniences that you found in the Wild Terra. Join right now! Download the test client… Play directly in your browser (available only in Chrome and Opera) You can purchase Early Access with 15% discount and start to play unlimited on the main servers right now Corrupted Lands trailer:
  5. The new Corrupted Lands trailer Save 15% on the purchase Wild Terra Steam page
  6. Video review of the Great Update 8.25 Save 15% on the purchase Wild Terra Steam page
  7. Video review of Update 8.24. Fame system, Lady Day and many improvements for convenient playing Save 15% on the purchase Wild Terra Steam page
  8. Video review of Major Update 8.22 Steam page: Changelog 8.22: http://steamcommunit...198277324173796
  9. Steam page: Coming soon in the Wild Terra: treasure hunting, new monsters, combat arena, sieges Everything described hereafter - still in development or exists only in the plans. Remember that a lot can change and the dates may be delayed. We will do everything to make changes more better and timely. Over the coming months we plan to implement a lot of new features and rework some of the existing ones. This is only part of our plans: Daily quests. Find the treasure. Every day, all players will be able to complete the quest Find the treasure. For each player it will be buried individual chest. You will see the arrow pointing in the direction to the treasure. Once the chest will be excavated with a shovel, the player will fight for the reward. New monsters. Folkloric creatures and special locations. In the world of Wild Terra will settle folklore monsters (the Grim, huge rats and others.), which will appear in special places. Defeating the new inhabitants will not be easy. New server. Battle arena. The new format of the game for PvP fans. Quick battles and nothing more. Participants of the arena immediately receive equipment and go into battle! Changing the mechanics of sieges. On each server will be the Siege time - in advance a definite time when will be held the siege. The mechanics of sieges and using of siege weapons will also be changed. Stay tuned for news and updates! Videoreview of the latest update:
  10. Update 8.21. Changes in the user interface and tutorial Changelog here: Purchase access to the game on our website or Steam
  11. Last chance to purchase Early Access Bundles and get premium cloaks! December 16, Wild Terra Online will be released on Steam Early Access, and will no longer be possible to buy kits containing gold, recipes, premium days and other things included in the kits! You can buy early access kits on our site right now, getting a complete set and a unique premium cloak of founder, it will be impossible to obtain in any other way! You will also receive a Steam key before the game's release on Steam! Follow the link and purchase a set, supporting the development of the game!
  12. Major Update 8.17 and 2 New Servers. Reworked combat system * 9 new skills . Mastery of various types of weapons and armors; * New combat parameters. Critical hits, parry, dodge and block; * New system of dealing damage. Calculated body part that received a blow, and armor that was equip on this part; * New server selection screen. Displays a news, number of players, search on servers. It's not all the changes, complete list here. Purchase access to the game on the site of Wild Terra
  13. The Test PvP Server is open to everyone! The new Combat System and no safety zones During several days you can free acquainted with the innovations of the coming update 8.17. The main changes will affect on the combat system. 9 new mastery skills of various types of weapons and armors. Added critical hits, parry, dodge and block. Reworked damage system. Updated the screen of servers selection. At destruction containers, all contents is now falling to the ground. Also trees graphics has been updated. Download the test client… Play directly in your browser (available only in Chrome and Opera) After the tests are completed, all progress will be lost! You can purchase early access and start to play on the main servers right now
  14. The event "Halloween" for everyone on the Open Test! The witches gain their former force. The darkness thickens over the lands of the Wild Terra. The evil is felt in every part of the world… Pumpkins ripen at an incredible speed. On successful ripening of pumpkin, there is a chance to get a Jack-o'-lantern instead of harvest and sometimes something more terrible! (Jack-o'-lantern do not disappear when thrown to the ground.) All over the world have appeared Unholy trees created by the evil witches. Only true heroes have a chance to fight back the evil and dispel it through light! Hang a Jack-o'-lantern on the Unholy trees to fight back the witches. Be careful, evil will not allow to dispel the darkness without resistance! Winners of evil will get the rare Unholy leather for the manufacture a unique items of clothing (even without any skills). The most distinguished heroes can receive seeds of Home unholy tree for decorating their possessions. Download the free test client... Play for free directly in your browser (Chrome and Opera only) By completion of the test, this server will be disabled and the all game process will be lost! Purchase access to the main servers (currently up to 75% discount) and play without any limits! For the owners of kit "Duke" is already available for testing the Steam version of the game. The event "Halloween" on the main servers since 27 October! Follow the news
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