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Far Cry 5 play where?

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Napisano 19 marzec 2018, 10:11

Far Cry has many different places where it plays through the history of the series. For Far cry 5 you are in Montana, North America. You can expect to see landscapes, peaks, churches and roads with pickups, muscle cars and trucks. The world of Far Cry 5 will become the largest, the largest of all Far Cry games so far.
You will be able to explore the extended world with your legs, in many cars or even on the plane. Airplanes are not just for transportation, you will also participate in battles on your plane because they are part of the combat system in Far cry 5. You will also use your aircraft to deliver the fruits. bombs fall on enemies.

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Napisano 30 marzec 2018, 12:04

Awesome work you have done here
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