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Wild Terra - multiplayer life simulator in a fully player-driven medieval world

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Napisano 30 maj 2017, 14:48

Update 8.28. Guilds, armor decoration and changes in the premium bonus
Dołączona grafika

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Improvements and fixes 0.8.28
Created for testing the first edition of Guilds, it’s management is available in the Community window.
Implemented the creation, invitation and expulsion of players from the guild.
Added a separate chat channel for guilds.
Guild name is displayed below the character's name.
The names of the players of one guild are displayed in green for each other.

Visual upgrade of the armor from the hardened and studded leather.
Visual upgrade of the iron and steel armors.
Implemented the “Armor decoration scrolls" for armor of hardened and studded leather, iron and steel.
Scrolls of armor decoration added to bronze, iron and steel chests.
Changed unique loot in a bronze, iron and steel chest.

The speed of collection, craft and construction has been doubled.
The premium bonus no longer affects the speed of collection, craft and construction, and the chances of finding resources.
The premium bonus now gives +30% to the gained experience and +30% to the capacity of the container and replenishment of the Craftsman's Insight and Battle Focus.
Now, if the premium is active, the dominium does not dilapidate when the owner is offline.
To create or run a personal server, you now need to have an active premium bonus on one of the official servers.
The longest premium bonus on one of the official servers will automatically be applied to the personal server.
Now the default is not shown the ability to create your own server, and the server control button is moved to the server list.
Now in the server list displays the server type: PvP / PvE / Arena / Personal, and the number of players is displayed as: Small / Normal / Large.
Fixed a bug due to which the Noble dominium could not be unpacked.
The guards of the treasure can no longer appear within the dominiums.
You can no longer roll your dominium for the move during the siege.
Added special buildings and chests for tournaments.
Aggressive animals and monsters now can repel tamed animals.

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Napisano 16 sierpień 2017, 17:52

Video review of Update 8.33

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Steam page:

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Napisano 5 październik 2017, 07:15

Video review of Major Update 8.37. Pets

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Napisano 20 październik 2017, 06:25

Video review of Update 8.39. Halloween in Wild Terra!

Darkness descended on the land. Predators were cursed and turned into zombie animals. The world of Wild Terra needs your help! Fight with the darkness and get unique Halloween rewards: Witch Hat, Pumpkin Helmet, and Unholy pets.

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Steam page
Cnahgelog 8.39

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Napisano 4 listopad 2017, 02:56

thank you That's a pretty good idea

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